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  • (1) 50-21-2000

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tick tool and equipment tracker

Tracked by ONE-KEY, the TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker allows you to track the location of any item in your inventory, regardless of brand or type. The app will automatically store the last time it was within the 100ft Bluetooth range of the piece of equipment that the TICK™ is attached to. Check your app to easily pinpoint the last seen date, time and location.

Rugged Protection

Tools and equipment take abuse on the job. The TICK is designed specifically to survive in these conditions. The durable weatherproof design protects internal components from water and dust while UV rated plastics keep the TICK from getting brittle when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

Attaches Anywhere

Alert When Found

If you’re having trouble locating a missing item that has a Tick attached, report the item as missing in the app and expand your search with the help of the ONE-KEY network. When any phone with the ONE-KEY app comes within range of your item, you will receive an updated location.

Easy To Use

What Is ONE-KEY?

ONE-KEY, the first digital platform for jobsite tools. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud based program, ONE-KEY will provide a new level of control and access to information that will revolutionize the way work gets done. This will fundamentally change the way users interact with their tools, and help solve user problems and frustrations the industry has never before been able to address.


Product Details

The Milwaukee® TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker is the most versatile Bluetooth® tracker on the market. With multiple attachment options and a low profile design, users can glue, screw, rivet or strap the TICK on anything. Weather, water and dust proof ratings ensure that the TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker will survive every environment. Using the ONE-KEY network, the TICK will provide location updates when it comes within a 100ft range of any phone with the ONE-KEY App, providing the last seen date, time and location. The TICK is powered by a coin cell battery that provides over 1 year of runtime. The app will provide low battery alerts when the coin cell needs to be replaced.

Also available in a 4 pack, 10 pack or 50 pack. 


  • Attach with glue, screws or rivets to anything
  • Survives everything with weather, water, dust and impact protection
  • 1 year runtime with replaceable coin cell battery
  • Tracking Powered by the ONE-KEY™ App
  • Over 100 ft signal range
  • Location signal wakes up a sleeping or backgrounded app


Battery 3V Lithium-Ion Coin Cell
ONE-KEY Enabled Yes
Length 2.13"
Weight 0.05 lbs
Height 0.49"
Width 1.88"
Run Time 1 year with replaceable battery
Tool Warranty 1 Year
Signal Range Over 100 ft

Model Options

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Product TICK™ Tool and Equipment Tracker TICK™ Tool and Equipment Tracker (4 Pk) TICK™ Tool and Equipment Tracker (10 Pk) TICK™ Tool and Equipment Tracker (50 Pk)
Cat # 48-21-2000 48-21-2004 48-21-2010 48-21-2050
  • (1) 50-21-2000
  • (4) 50-21-2000
  • (10) 50-21-2000
  • (50) 50-21-2000


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